INNA'S Amazing Transformation

8:17:00 p.m.

She´s one of the hottest women in the music world. She's fresh, provocative, femenine and she's super fit.

But lets take a look over INNA's transformation and before and after pictures. Her Before's and after's are "Amazing"

Here's is INNA before she was famous, as we can see, she had some extra pounds, but look at her now, she's radiant, healthy and pretty, she really workout to hard to get this body

Here's INNA Picture for her first hit "HOT", on that time, Inna had a makeover transformation, but she needed to lose some pounds

INNA's transformation is all about lifestyle, with her success on the music industry, she had the pressure on her image, so that's why INNA must workout her body and show her sensuality.

When she has the motivation, she started on a healthy lifestyle with a consistent diet plan, she avoid fried foods and included some snacks like: fruit, yogurt or seeds.

So remember this, if INNA can you can too. You just need a motivation to start.
Inna's fitness body

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